Intensive Courses
Here at AKG our courses are tailored to suit you and your needs. We will create a bespoke package designed just for you. However here are a couple of ideas to give you a feel of what we can offer and what our courses include.
All courses can include your theory and/or practical tests – we can help you even if you have your own tests booked.
Not passed your theory yet? Not a problem! We can provide materials to revise for this as part of your bespoke package. There are no set ways to take the hours, we book the earliest tests possible and you can fit the hours in to suit your lifestyle in the run up to your test date. These can be over evenings, weekends, daytimes and set over a period of days or weeks to match your needs.
Your course can be fully intensive (over a period of consecutive days) or semi intensive (over a period of weeks). It all depends how you feel that you learn best and what your circumstances are. You are not restricted to 2 hour driving lessons but have a choice of lesson length 1hour, 1.5hour or 2hour sessions in any combination that you wish. We can book both the theory and the practical driving tests for the pupil if required.