Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Do I have to have a provisional licence before leaning to drive? Ans: Yes, it's a legal requirement to be in possession of a provisional driving licence before starting driving lessons.

Que: Can my mum come along for the first driving lesson? Ans: Yes, I would be happy for her to observe the lesson, it often helps with practice sessions.

Que: How long will it take me to pass my driving test? Ans: During the course of your driving lessons, it will become clear as to how you are progressing and it will then be possible to estimate when you may be ready to take your practical driving test.

Que: Will it matter if i don't have a lesson every week? Ans: It's best to have regular lessons, but if you need to have a break for exams that's fine. I would suggest that it is no longer than 4-6 weeks.

Que: Do i have to pass my theory test before taking my practical test? Ans: Yes, you need your theory test pass certificate number to book your practical driving test.